“This is the best place in the city in my opinion.”

I stumbled across this store weeks ago.  I was looking for a good solution to get into this and that’s exactly what I found.  I was pleasantly surprised to find:
– A fantastic selection of liquids
– a wide variety of hardware
– People working there that are VERY fluent in the community, their industry, their products and pretty everything to do with vaping.  I’ve been back a number of times, upgraded my setup and I’m super happy with things right now.  I’ve recommended them to many of my friends (and brought a few in with me).

Being directly at Lansdowne station, it’s super convenient.  This is best place in the city in my opinion

Ryan P. / Toronto

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We help you find the best way to accomplish your goals. We carry a large selection of E-liquid and devices to find your perfect fit to quit!

We are located in Brockton Village, Toronto ON.