About Us

Vapers.ca was founded in the Spring of 2014 as a small brick and mortar shop in the west end of Toronto.  We are fast approaching our 6th anniversary, and still love meeting our customers face to face at our humble little shop.

Over the years we have grown bigger, we've rallied at Queen's Park not once, but twice, in the freezing cold with our fellow shop owners and customers, fighting for sensible legislation that keeps vaping as a viable, and affordable option for adults who choose to vape instead of smoke tobacco.

Part of that pledge is to make e-liquid as affordable as possible, while giving a variety of amazing flavours, and simple shipping options.

While we still do sell some hardware and coils in our physical location, we have chosen to make our online shop 100% e-liquid only.  There are hundreds of places to buy the latest hardware, or coils, and to try to compete with the bigger sites, and to keep that much inventory on hand, would mean we would have to charge more for our liquids.

So we're focused on the best prices in Canada, and if you want to get wholesale pricing, we've made every bottle in our store available to mix and match.  Once you buy any 5 or more bottles, you only pay $10 for each bottle.  Buy 10 bottles or more and we'll even take care of the shipping for you.

We've pared our offering down to the best 32 flavours, plus 5 salt nics, but are working diligently to introduce another 25 flavours by the end of 2019.  Then we will work to release new flavours each month until our offering is in the hundreds! You can follow us on instagram or facebook to find out as we release new flavours, but we'll make sure to make announcements on our blog, newsletter, and nationwide network of homing pigeons when they launch.

We've been doing this for a long time now, and look forward continuing for many years.  We hope that by offering excellent, high-quality e-liquid at really great prices and matching that with top shelf customer service, we can do just that.